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Diseños de tubos flexibles de cuello de cisne hechos a medida

Flexible Gooseneck Tubing
Our factory manufactures for flexible gooseneck tubes! We offer a wide variety of flexible gooseneck tube and rigid arms. Rigid Arms provide you with extra reach while gooseneck arms offer flexibility.
Our all flexible gooseneck tube can be customized as per your designs and specifications.

 flexible gooseneck tubing
How to let us know your requirements of the flexible metal tubing?
Please provide us the following info so that we can offer you the best solutions:
- Outer Diameter/Size
- Inner Diameter/ Do you need to put something inside through the gooseneck?
- Length:
- Finishing:
-Black Finished
- Baked Paint
- Brass Plated
- Chrome Plated
- Copper Plated
- Galvanized
- Nickel Plated
- Zinc Plated
- Satin Chrome Plated
- Unfinished
- Vinyl-clad
- Plastic-clad
- Silicon Coated
- The thread type and length Do you need any kinds of connectors on both ends of the gooseneck to join your products? if so, what are the thread type and thread length?
- How much weight should the gooseneck load/support? Is it loaded in horizontal positions or vertical when bended a little?
Customized Flexible Gooseneck Specification
You can refer to below chart about the sizes of gooseneck tube or send us your drawing and let us know your required specifications.
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