Medical Gooseneck

By Michelle | 13 March 2023 | 0 Comments

Medical gooseneck is a flexible arm commonly used in medical equipment, such as examination lights, cameras, and microscopes. It is typically made of a series of interconnected metal or plastic segments that can be bent and positioned in various angles and directions.

The gooseneck is designed to provide a stable and adjustable support for the equipment, enabling the medical professional to focus the light or camera on a specific area of the body or to adjust the angle of the microscope for optimal viewing. The flexibility of the gooseneck allows for precise positioning without disturbing the patient, making it an essential tool in medical examinations, surgeries, and procedures.

In addition to its medical applications, the gooseneck is also used in other industries, such as photography, automotive, and industrial manufacturing, where a flexible arm is required to hold and position equipment in specific locations.

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