Hanging Neck Fan

By Michelle | 16 April 2024 | 0 Comments
Product Selling Points:
1. Hands-Free Cooling: Experience a refreshing breeze without restricting your movements by hanging this fan around your neck. Keep your hands free and stay cool throughout the day.
2. Bladeless Design: Enjoy a worry-free operation with the fan's bladeless design, ensuring safety and ease of use. No more concerns about accidental injuries or tangled hair.
3. Digital Display: Stay informed about your fan's battery life and settings at a glance with the digital display feature. Conveniently monitor and adjust your cooling experience with just a glance.
4. USB Rechargeable: Save on the costs and hassle of constantly replacing batteries. This fan can be easily and swiftly charged using any USB port, ensuring a quick power-up for continuous use.
5. Portable and Lightweight: Take this fan wherever you go, thanks to its compact size and lightweight design. Slip it into your bag or purse, and enjoy a cool breeze on the go – at the office, during outdoor activities, or even at home.
6. Adjustable Speeds: Tailor your cooling experience to your preferences by selecting from three different fan speeds. Customize the intensity of the airflow, ensuring maximum comfort wherever you are.
7. Versatile Use: Whether it’s for outdoor activities, sports, working in the office, or using it in the comfort of your home, this fan adapts to your needs. Stay cool and comfortable in any environment.
8. Long Battery Life: Stay cool for extended periods without worrying about running out of power. With up to 6-7 hours of continuous use on a single charge, this fan ensures uninterrupted cooling when you need it most.
Type: Portable Neck Fan, Features: 5 Speed, Power Supply: USB Powered, Capacity (mAh): 3000, Charging Time (H)

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