Custom made flexible gooseneck tube

By Chuanghong Industrial Co.,Ltd | 10 November 2020 | 0 Comments

Chuanghong Industrial Co.,Ltd -The Pionner in flexible gooseneck tubing and conduits field in china.

Special small purpose flexible gooseneck tubing to head mounted microphone applications.
From special small purpose flexible gooseneck pipe to head mounted microphone applications, the engineering department at lixun Hardware will work with you in creating flexible gooseneck metal tube to meet your specific requirements and/or create an improvement over the product you are currently using.
When we know the weight of the object to be supported (head weight) and your product application, we design both rigidity and obedience in a flexible gooseneck tube to fit your requirements
Tube Material´╝ÜSteel&Iron / Steel&Copper / Steel&Bronze
Surface Treatment´╝ÜElectro-Coating / Plating / Paint / Heat Shrink Sleeve

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